Friday, February 25, 2011

Feeling Insecure ?

Is being possessive is being insecure ? Why?

  1. There is no importance in possessiveness of any kind in a relationship. Being in a committed relationship means that you share everything with each other. There is no mine or yours but ours. A possessive person is a selfish person that doesn't know how or doesn't want to share. It does not show that the other person cares it just shows that the other person is selfish. So don't confuse possessiveness with love or someone caring for you because they have two totally different meanings.
  2. YES it screams insecurity and is soooo unactive... you can show people you care with out acting like you own them... It will also push people away because they will feel controlled - please try to keep in check and when you get that urge to be possessive maybe just say "It would make me feel better if you....." and see what they do...

    Some times the possessiveness is created,, but then you dont want that to be the case... try to look at your situtation and figure out why you feel that way.. it is you? or is it how they make your feel?
  3. Yes, possessiveness is a sign of insecurity. If they let their partner go, even a little, they are afraid they'll find a much better partner and leave. So, they maintain their grip by using insults and making threats or using guilt to manipulate. Yes, I agree it's okay to be a little possessive, but not to such an extent that it caused a person to be unable to live their own life.
  4. Possessive is fine. Controlling is fine. But both in excess is ruin. Men are supposed to posses a sense. I mean, ur his, n if showing it makes him secure, then let him state it. Let him tell u he'd like u to dress a certain way n things. It shows he cares for ur well being n how u'll be perceived in the eyes of his family and others. But be careful, if u give in too much, u won't be able to bear it, n u won't have ur own identity anymore. So this is fine minimally, as yes, men like this are insecure, and having a woman to protect gives them security. U know, the she's mine n will love only me thing. Women are like this too, but less expressive about it. But don't let him control u beyond ur will n state that it's because he loves u, because that's manipulation, n if ur guard is up, u can tell right away.

    There is no importance is possessisveness. IF ur smart n secure in ur relationship, u'll never feel threatened by anyone coming in on it, because u'll know ur his n he's urs no matter what. But sometimes it's nice to know that ur man wants u to look wonderful in his eyes. But he should be willing to do the same for u. u should possess each other equally
  5. It means you value the person and the r/ship and don't want to lose it. I think it is healthy and normal to have some possessiveness. As long as you don't go overboard and then it becomes destructive. But it is protecting what you value. With no possessiveness, it might be too easy for another to steal your partner away. At least make the other person put up a fight. If that makes sense...
  6. It is a form of insecurity..the reason they act that way is because they are:
    1.scared to lose you
    2.have no confidence
    3.low self esteem that they have to control you
    4.simply is their nature to be the one in control

    either way a little is good cause he shows how he loves you so and as a woman that does make you feel special but going overboard means he needs some help.. you are not his property to bark when he says so and shush when directed...

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